Thursday, December 15, 2005

Only God Knows by C.J. - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Huge Wall

“I was walking into FoodMaxx one day...”

I’m sure many of you have been to a grocery store. Most of us now don’t have to hunt for our own survival. Anyhow, have you seen those people who ask for donation for charity? I had a chat with one of them one early morning.


As I was talking to him about life and his stories of going from being a bum, to now someone with a home for shelter, he gave me an illustration that I will always remember.

“Imagine that there is a huge wall in front of you, and at the top is barbed wire that would pierce right through your skin upon impact. In back of you is hot molten lava that would turn you into ashes in mere seconds. To the left of you, there is quicksand that would sink you deep into the sand with no way out. Which way would you turn?”

I would dig my way through underneath that wall. That was my answer.

“Well, you could do that, but there is an even easier way. Why don’t you turn in the right direction?”

He was right. How stupid of me.

“There are many people in this world that are stuck in a dilemma, and they feel as though there is no way out. They look forward, back, left, but they never look in the ‘right’ direction. They don’t realize that in life, there is always a way out.”

That illustration will forever remain in my mind.

Only God Knows by C.J. - Chapter 1

Why can't everything be "just perfect"? This world is far from it.

Chapter 1: Here’s my story

I'm in love with a girl named Tiffany, but other's feel that we "just can't be together". I don't see how others can predetermine who can or can't be together. I believe that we can be together, and I believe it so strongly. But there definitely is a catch. My story will sound much like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, with two families that aren't exactly rivals, but have two very different... well, I'll explain.

I met Tiffany, the girl that I am ever-so-madly in love with one morning before the Garlic Festival of 2005 located at Gilroy, CA. She had been introduced to me by my good friend Anna. That morning was a turning point of my life. Before then, I had been such a lonely sap with no love of my life. I was actually afraid to ever fall in love again.

A year into the past, I had been with a girl named Rose. At the time, I believed that she had been the love of my life, and felt that we were the ones to be together in the future. She was the first girl that I had ever been with. She was the girl that I thought I would end up with.

“I didn’t realize a lot of things about Rose.”

First of all, she was a bit too young for me. (Actually, it doesn’t matter how many years younger the person is, it is whether they are mature enough to keep a relationship or not.) Second of all, her personality wasn’t what I thought it was. I use to think that she was absolutely caring, but when times got rough, she was never there to lift me back on my feet. I had done it myself. Third but not last, it had seemed like she only wanted to “test” what she had got going for her. She had told me several times that she would never leave me, that she would always love me, then one day, told me that her love had faded. She told me in some way, shape, or form, that “she still needed to see her options”.

For six months after that situation, I had been severely depressed. Losing the first “love of your life” isn’t the easiest thing to overcome. I had literally been laying in bed in my room throughout most of those months. I had no job. I didn’t go to school half that time because I was too depressed to do anything. I had lost myself.

It is now December of 2005, about four and a half months since Tiffany and I have been seeing one another. I love her so much, and I never would want to lose her. I want her to be my future, and I wish that she could only see deep inside of me how much I really do love her. Maybe then, she’d know for sure that nothing can take her away from me, except by physical means, or if she loses her love for me.